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Alexis Facques

Hello there! I’m Alexis, cloud architect, and avid builder with a strong passion for all things AWS.

Over the past years, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to some groundbreaking projects that have fueled innovation and accelerated growth for a wide range of organizations. I enjoy writing about my random thoughts on the latest developments in serverless, sharing my insights and experiences. I hope that others may find it interesting or valuable in their own journey towards innovation and digital transformation.


Mastering (fantasy) football analytics - Part 1: Fuzzy joining datasets with AWS Athena

Embark with me on a thrilling journey through the world of (fantasy) football analytics. As the new season kicks off, I’ve set my sights on forging the ultimate championship-winning football roster, all powered by AWS data wizardry. My adventure begins with a deep dive discussion of the importance of data preparation, followed by the exciting implementation of fuzzy joins techniques of AWS Athena.

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Is the Management Console the most underrated AWS service?

Could the AWS Management Console challenge the conventional boundaries of DevOps practices, and take over infrastructure code? In this article, I discuss the place of the Console, often subject of skepticism, yet standing as the centerpiece of an upcoming (r)evolution: its efficiency questioned but its new-found allure… undeniable. Join me in a journey towards user-centric design, transcending the complexities of infrastructure code, and ushering in a new era of Cloud engineering.

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Is ClickOps the new DevOps?

There’s a problem with DevOps, and it’s time to address it. In this inaugural article of an upcoming series, I reflect on the challenges posed by the burdensome nature of infrastructure code and the rigidity of traditional DevOps practices in today’s ever-evolving Cloud computing landscape. As our developing grounds evolve, the need for a paradigm shift becomes evident. Introducing ClickOps — the solution that empowers business stakeholders to finally make use of the AWS Management Console.

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Tales of a journey in diagramming AWS infrastructure

In the labyrinthine depths of your cloud infrastructure, have you ever felt overwhelmed, struggling to document the tangled maze of YAML files? Fear not, for AWS has breathed new life into a once-forgotten service, rising to the challenge of graphical application programming once more.

But wait, there’s more: If you prefer the familiarity of configuration files and the creative canvas of, I’ve got just the thing up my sleeves to turn your CloudFormation applications into vibrant and captivating diagrams. Say goodbye to dull and hello to visually striking representations of your cloud masterpiece.

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